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Job Opportunities

Recruitment Agencies Nation Wide

Taylor Recruitment is joining hands with the country’s biggest recruitment agencies.
We share our candidate information and assist agencies in growing their data base and fill much needed vacancies for companies in a shorter period.

  • Taylor Recruitment will be networking with the country’s largest recruitment agencies.
  • Assist recruitment / personal agencies in growing their candidate pool.
  • Enable recruitment agencies to fill positions within companies swiftly.
  • Advise on vacancies within different companies.

Taylor Recruitment is the first recruitment agency to offer a service of this kind country wide.

Our Services

Individuals Nation Wide

  • Advise our agency on the position you require:
  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Contract / Part Time
  • Taylor Recruitment will assist you in your search using our network of recruitment agencies and company’s nation wide.

Companies Nation Wide

  • One Flat Rate
  • Advise our agency of your requirements for the position.
  • Our agency will find the perfect candidate for the position using our vast network of Recruitment Agencies.
  • Advise on position to fill to ALL recruiters in order to fill the position swiftly.


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